Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Yummy Taco's

We had taco's for lunch today..... It's always funny that the kids don't like taco's but they sure clean them up. I loved that my group even ate tomatoes on them..... Yummy....:)
I serve lunch family style, so the kids added their own items to the taco's.

Bunny / Duck Craft

I received this craft idea from Nanette -
The children had a fun time with this craft.... They're amazed that they have a bunny on one side and a duck on the other side.....

Jelly Bean Activity

I purchased some egg holders from Jo Ann Fabrics. (50% off at this time). I numbered each egg shape a number. 1 - 12. I gave the children a bowl of jelly beans and had them place the right number of jelly beans in each egg shape. (Number 1 = 1 jelly bean, # 2 = 2 jelly beans etc).
The kids had a tasty time. After they were done counting, they got to eat a few of the jelly beans and then they used a baggie to take home the rest. A delicious activity......

Monday, March 29, 2010

Happy Birthday

Happy 4th Birthday!!!!!! :)

Another jelly Bean Graphing Activity

Print up the following sheet. Have children grab a handful of jelly beans and sort them out according to color. Once they have them sorted out, have them color the number of squares for each jelly bean.
2 orange jelly beans = 2 squares, etc.
Count them all when you are done.

Easter Graphing

We are doing an Easter theme this week, with Jelly Bean Graphing. Our 1st graphing was to see what was the favorite jelly bean in our preschool. The pink jelly bean won, by one vote.

5 little Piggies

Our five little piggies from our Down on the Farm theme. Interesting piggy facts made a cute bulletin board.

2010 Provider of the Year

Jean was chosen as one of the Providers of the Year for Ramsey Co. I needed a picture for the conference and banquet dinner, so I had a group picture taken with the children in our preschool. A GREAT group of children. :)

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Winter Fun

We have had a great time the last couple of days on getting some fresh air and some snow playing in. Noah was all over the play yard. I couldn't believe it. He managed to get up into the camper and was driving..... :)
Kids had a blast and boy did the fresh air knock them out for nap time....
Our theme for the next 2 weeks in Down on the Farm...