Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Christmas in October?????

Today was part of my Christmas in October. I received 1/2 my order from Parent Aware. Toys and items for my child care and I have to say it was like Christmas opening all the boxes out in the garage and seeing all the new items for my child care and the kids.
One of my favorite items is a Art Center. It's fantastic. The kids are going to have such easier access to paper, paint, stickers, play doh and more.

I am waiting on my last part of my order from Lakeshore. I have been very fortunate to participate in these different pilot programs here in St. Paul. PEK and Parent Aware. It has done wonders for my child care, myself and the kids that attend.

Everything I received from Kaplans is sitting in the child care entrance area so you can view what has been purchased before I start putting the items away.
We got music instruments, blocks and more for outside..... I am so excited. :)

Monday, October 13, 2008

Fall and Pumpkins

This is my favorite time of year. I love all the leaves changing color and floating to the ground. The crispness in the air and the crunch of leaves under foot. Now Loren would have a different idea of fall. All those leaves to rake. :)
The tree house in the playroom has also over night changed from green to orange - red and gold. The kids noticed right away the changes.
The last 2 weeks our theme was fall and we'll be going right into Pumpkins this week. I always love this theme. The children enjoy this right before halloween. We'll learn the growing cycle of pumpkins and make a pumpkin book.
Reminder that I'm off next week.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Busy shopping. :)

Yesterday afternoon my Parent Aware Coach stopped by. (While children were sleeping). We discussed my 3 star rating and how of course I want to work to get the rating to a 4 star. The good news she brought with her was that I get improvement dollars to help me purchase items that the Parent Aware Program felt I "needed" to get the 4 star rating.

I spent last night with 3 catalogs supplied from Parent Aware and went through their suggestions and started purchasing. Alot of the items will deal with fine motor, math/number, art, music and movement, blocks, dramatic play, diapers and safety practices.

In the area of diapering, I just purchased the changing table recently and their concern was that there wasn't a 6 inch ledge on one side that could prevent falling. Instead of spending over $600.00 with that ledge, I'm purchasing a changing pad with a 6 in ledge. They would also like me to have a hands free diaper pail. That is on my order form. :)

Alot of the items I'm requesting will be for the outside play area. I have a music, reading, several dramatic centers in the 2 different playrooms and an art center, but I have none of these items outside for the children to play with if they desire. I am requesting a 3 person outdoor easel and paint supplies. (Paint, containers, aprons), a weather center. I was making one like my bug center, but I saw the new one they have available in the Lakeshore catalog that I just had to have for the children.

New items both inside and outside will consist of a science center, new art center storage, blocks, Lookout Tree House for the toddlers, observation mirrors, music instruments, workshop with tools. Too much to list, but I know I am very excited to add these items to my preschool and the children will be equally as excited. (OK, I think I'm more excited...)

I want to get the order placed right away so that I can receive the items and get re-rated. It will be a busy month getting the items placed where they need to go.... But it will be fun!