Monday, June 16, 2008

Monday - June 16

It's a new week... No children are here yet this morning so I thought I would type a quick blog. I sure hope everyone had a fantastic Father's Day. The weather was perfect. Sunday I bought a few more items for the playyard. Water table, another umbrella for shade, a frog figure for over by the hosta's I just planned, and I also have a new park bench. Just adding a few more fun items to the playyard.

This week we will hopefully be spending alot of time outside. No rain please..... If we get stuck inside we'll be doing a summer theme. On Tuesday I will have a visit from someone from the Parent Aware Program. They will be looking at my childcare and giving me any pointers on anything that should be changed to make my environment better for the children. This is a couple month program, and when all is said and done they will rate my child care on 1 - 4 stars. Of course, I'm working to receive 4 stars. :)

I'm looking forward to a great week.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Monday June 10. :)

This week is our My dad theme. We will be reading about dads, talking about how wonderful our dad's our and making a special treat for dad.

We had a great week last week with a gardening theme. We planted some seeds in pots for the children to bring home. Remember to water them! We also planted some seeds at child care. This morning Devin and I noticed the 1st seed popping through the soil. We can also see another seed in the dirt getting ready to burst through. (We planted the dirt in a see-through container - this way we can also see the roots.)

This morning we played with cornstarch and water outside in a bowl. Talk about FUN! The kids were rolling balls and then trying to hand them to someone else and they would turn into liquid. I had Kayla, Morgan and Cleo place their hands in the bowl and I hit the mixture with my fist and it turned hard for a second. The kids had a blast. I want to try this again sometime with a water table. Can you imagine how fun this would be????

I would also like to play a Saturday BBQ for everyone. (Parents and kids) at my house. I thought this would be a fun way to get together and have everyone get to know the other parents instead of just saying hi and by to each other as your dropping off and picking up. Before I start to try and plan something, could you please let me know if you are interested in something like this, and what Sat., would work good for you. Thanks