Friday, March 27, 2009

Hands on Learning Fun Blog

I visited a new blog that I thought was worth sharing... :)
Hands on Learning Fun blog located at

There is a literacy Bag give away. It looks fantastic and you know how I feel about literacy... :)
What a fun way to get some literacy into your child's life...
If you have a blog and want to be a follower, you can get an entry into her contest to win.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

~Travel Tots

Today we had Miss Jillian from Travel Tots come. We were suppose to have Travel Tots come yesterday but Miss Jillian had car trouble and could'nt make it. We re-scheduled for today and the kids had a fun filled hour.

Today was an hour of science. We learned about birds and frogs. We got to see a real bird's nest, and found out what birds use to make a nest. We made a pinecone feeder for the birds. Decorated a bird with feathers, and pretended we were birds and drank nectar from a flower using our beaks. (Paper cup was the flower, lemonaide was the nectar and a straw was our beak). The time went way too fast.

For the month of April our Travel Tot visits are scheduled for April 18th, which we will have our 1st Spanish class and April 22th which will be a geography class. Each of the kids have a little passport from Travel Tots and each time we "visit" a country, children will get a sticker to go into their passports.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

St. Patty's Day~

What a fun day......

What a surprise we got this morning when I went to open the blinds in the play room after children started to arrive... A mischievous leprechaun must have snuck in during the night... We saw small little foot prints on the window in the play room. They went across the glass, on the window sill and down the wall. We didn't think any thing of it until we saw he built a small castle with the green lego's and he also played with the green pegs. When I went to make breakfast - we found out that silly leprechaun had turned the milk and eggs to a green.
We figured he was done until one of the kids had to go bathroom... The water was also green in there and it stayed green all day... We had a very fun time, but we didn't get to see a leprechaun... :)

Friday, March 13, 2009

~End f Camping Fun

The last two weeks have been fun with our Camping Fun theme. We played some games I did up. One fun one was our Camping Fun Bingo Game. The children are learning that just because they didn't win the game, they can't still have fun. Maybe they will win the next time. We do continue to play each game until everyone has won.

During Camping Fun Bingo, when letters were called, I also asked the children to give me a word that starts with the letter. I was very impressed with the words they came up with.
We also played Zingo, read books about camping, made binoculars, and did worksheets with the camping theme. Their Friday Folders are going home today. Please make sure you take the time to check out all the fun stuff they did.

Next week our theme is going to be St. Patricks. :) Everyone have a great week-end and see you on Monday!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

~Travel Tots

We had our first visit from Travel Tots today..... The children were very excited and had a great time. Today we traveled to Kenya, a country located in Africa. We learned what the people of Kenya eat, wear and what type of animals live there. (Giraffes, alligators, hippos, zebra's, elephants and other wild animals).
We learned that the people of Kenya raise cows and goats, and they bring them into their houses each night to keep them from harm. Could you imagine bringing a cow into your house?
A typeical house in Kenya is made from straw, mud and sticks. They don't have running water like us, and have to carry the water from a near by water supply. We practiced walking around with a plastic disk on our head to see if we could keep it on our head. I was really impressed at how good the kids did. The people of Kenya carry food and water on top of their head. This was very interesting.
I did talk to our Traveling Tot instructor - Miss Jullian and I did let her know we are very interested in Spanish lessons, so March 25, we will be doing Spanish.
I did send a link for Photobucket of pictures I took today during Travel Tot time. :)

Friday, March 6, 2009

Camping Fun

This week our theme was Camping Week. We will continue the theme next week, so Friday folders will go home next Friday. I would like to keep the sheets and paintings the kids did so far this week hanging up.

We also started Book It! Beginners this week. Everytime we read a book, we'll add a color crayon book marker to the bulletin board. We'll be doing this for the 2 months. At the end of each month, children will get a certificate for a personal pan pizza from Pizza Hut. Our bulletin board should get pretty full. :)

The books we have read this week are: Pinkalicious, Purplicious, Bailey Goes Camping, PJ Funnybunny Camps Out, A Day at Camp and our book for the week that we read each day at Circle Time: Camping Out by Mercer Mayer.

Reminder that Travel Tots will be coming on Wednesday. If you haven't paid for the $10. fee per child, per month, please pay by Tuesday. If needed, you can make it $5.00 and pay the other $5.00 before the next visit. I'm really looking forward to this...

Monday, March 2, 2009

Monday - March 2

This week and next week our theme is going to be "Camping Fun". Letter e, color green, number 7, and shape diamond. I have Friday Folders ready to go from the last 2 weeks. Children will also be bringing home a book for the month of February.

We're also going to be doing Book It! Beginnings again this March and April. We're going to keep track of the books we read and at the end of March and April, children will get to bring home a certificate for a pizza from Pizza hut. There is a information flyer in the children's Friday Folder explaining this more in detail.

Reminder that tomorrow I will be closing at 12:30. I plan on going to the state capital with other providers and the organizations that run the PEK Program and Parent Aware. They are looking to receive additional funding, and they were looking for providers that have been on these programs to give their own feedback. I personally think both of these progams were very benefical for my preschool/child care, and I would love to see the funding continue.