Monday, April 26, 2010

My Poor Play Room.....

2 weeks ago, I discovered in my smaller play room wet carpet. Come to find out a pipe had a leak.... My wonderful husband pulled the carpet out the next day, popped a couple holes in the wall, fixed the pipe, got the holes sheet-rocked, carpet replaced, and my play room is back in order.... Some what. :)

I dediced to keep the play room empty except for my easel, post office items and table. We are loving having all the extra space to do circle time, music and in the future, a 37 inch tv and WII will be going in there. I have both the items. Just need to wait to get someone to install them. I love the new play room, and so do the kids. :)

Grocery store and clock center was moved to my office... Wasn't hard to give up all that space because it sure is nice having more room to move around with the kids. :)

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