Friday, June 8, 2012

New Water Wall

The beginning of our water wall. I bought the tubing and funnels from (Link follows to purchase). The plastic cups and zip ties from Menards and the plastic containers from WalMart. The only thing I would change is to buy all bigger funnels. Like the large red one. That worked perfect, so I am ordering 3 more. I want to add one more container and tubing set with funnel and then the water wall will accommodate 5 children at one time.

If you decide to make one, be prepared for tons of fun, laughter and wet children. :)

Supplies needed:

  • Water containers. You can use any storage containers.
  • Zip ties
  • Funnels (the larger funnels work best)
  • cup for dunking and pouring
  • duct tape
  • Silicone if you want to make sure it doesn't leak.
  1. What I did was use zip ties to attach the tubing to the fence. Menard's had the florescent zip ties, and they worked great.
  2. Once you get the tubing attached, use duct tape to secure the ends together so they don't come apart. I used silicone on the plastic bottle to keep it together better.
  3. Attach the funnels to the fence with the bottom of the funnel in the top of the tubing. I also attached the funnels to the fence using zip ties because they had a loop on the top.
  4. Add containers underneath the tubing with water. Test each tube before the kids play with it to make sure they don't leak and go into the containers of water. 
Picture of finished water wall.

The 2nd funnel from the left is a transmission funnel, again the rest of the funnels will be replaced with the red extra large funnel. I love it though, and the kids had a blast with it...

Pictures of the kids having some fun. If you would like to see more pictures I'm loading them all up on my child care facebook account.

To purchase some of the items above at, please click on the links.

Thank you for viewing!


Deborah (Teach Preschool) said...

What great fun! I don't have a fence like that and I sure wish I did!

Beth said...

What exactly did you use for the tubing part that winds down the fence from the funnel to the bottom? This is such a cute idea!

NIc said...

Hi there
I love your photos of the Pop Toobs, we are a small company who sells this product to schools and nurseries through a catalogue. We'd really like permission to be able to use a photo that you have showing how you can use them. We would happily make sure people knew where the photo had come from and feed it back to your blog so more people can see creative learning at it's best. I'd really appreciate if you got in contact with me, my name is Nicola and you can email me on
Warm Wishes
Nicola :-)

123 Learn ONLINE Preschool Curriculum said...

I am sorry Nicola.... First time I am seeing this comment and only because someone wanted a picture of a water wall. You have my permission to use a picture or 2 if its not to late. :)