Monday, November 26, 2012

Our new friend - Little Elf on a Shelf

We watched the movie Elf on a shelf and the next morning we found our little elf, that we named Cuddles stuck in the magnetic letters. I'm so glad he is able to spell, but we still couldn't touch him. Thank goodness he got out the next morning because we found him attached to the tree house ready to bungee jump.... I didn't realize our little elf was such a dare devil. :)

I'm thinking after his big bungee jump, he needed to relax a little bit because the next morning we found him with some pop and popcorn ready to watch Twilight. I think he said he was on team Bella.

The next morning we found Cuddles playing Connect 4 with one of the Barbie Dolls and it looks like he was winning. He gets so excited.

Each morning the children are excited to look and find out what Cuddles has been doing during the night...

I was walking past the writing center this evening, and guess who I saw there all ready for tomorrow? Our little elf Cuddles..... Looks like he wrote a quick note to the kids and even drew their picture. They are going to be so thrilled with his art work.... He is soooo talented. :)

I wonder what he will be up to next??????? :)
More pictures to follow.

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