Friday, September 16, 2016

Oh wow..... I am so disappointed when I came across my old blog and realized it has been years since my last post. I use to be so good sharing what we have done in our program and my new goal is to get back into it and try to at least post something new once a week. So here goes. :)

It is now fall.... We are back to school so that means back to our preschool themes. The sad part is now that summer is over, our fun with the mud kitchen is getting close to an end..... Our new addition to our play yard was a mud kitchen and the children took full advantage of play in the mud.... I really mean playing in the mud.

We will still enjoy our mud kitchen but no water.... Pump will be put away for the winter.

Now with fall we are back with our preschool program. School Days has been our theme last week and this week. We have been enjoying Chicka Chicka Boom Boom theme. Getting back into the routine of preschool. We have a smaller group this year, but we are all enjoying the smaller group and more one on one attention.

In addition to preschool, each month we will be visiting a different county. On Fridays. The month of September we are visiting Australia. We are having a blast.

Here's hoping I will be good and start posting more.... Good Day Mate. :)

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