Friday, August 15, 2008

Traveling Bear~

We're starting a new project in September called "Teddy Bear Express" This is a project though a child care list. There will be 3 bear keepers and hosts for the bears to visit. Our child care is one of the bear keepers and so I went out last night and bought a new bear.

The middle of September, we will mail our bear out with a photo album and journal, and a few other items to another child care. This child care will keep the bear for the week and mail it off to the next provider's home, and so on until December when the bear will come back to our child care. We will map the bear's trip on a map, and through this blog.

I will do up permission slips for your child to participate, and have their picture send along with our new bear.... What name did we come up for our bear????
Ok.... Here's where our originality comes in. :)

Coco Bear....
He is a boy bear and he had a great time today playing with the kids. I also included a recent picture of Coco Bear.... :)
I'm looking forward to this project and so are the kids.

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