Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Christmas in October?????

Today was part of my Christmas in October. I received 1/2 my order from Parent Aware. Toys and items for my child care and I have to say it was like Christmas opening all the boxes out in the garage and seeing all the new items for my child care and the kids.
One of my favorite items is a Art Center. It's fantastic. The kids are going to have such easier access to paper, paint, stickers, play doh and more.

I am waiting on my last part of my order from Lakeshore. I have been very fortunate to participate in these different pilot programs here in St. Paul. PEK and Parent Aware. It has done wonders for my child care, myself and the kids that attend.

Everything I received from Kaplans is sitting in the child care entrance area so you can view what has been purchased before I start putting the items away.
We got music instruments, blocks and more for outside..... I am so excited. :)

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