Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Busy shopping. :)

Yesterday afternoon my Parent Aware Coach stopped by. (While children were sleeping). We discussed my 3 star rating and how of course I want to work to get the rating to a 4 star. The good news she brought with her was that I get improvement dollars to help me purchase items that the Parent Aware Program felt I "needed" to get the 4 star rating.

I spent last night with 3 catalogs supplied from Parent Aware and went through their suggestions and started purchasing. Alot of the items will deal with fine motor, math/number, art, music and movement, blocks, dramatic play, diapers and safety practices.

In the area of diapering, I just purchased the changing table recently and their concern was that there wasn't a 6 inch ledge on one side that could prevent falling. Instead of spending over $600.00 with that ledge, I'm purchasing a changing pad with a 6 in ledge. They would also like me to have a hands free diaper pail. That is on my order form. :)

Alot of the items I'm requesting will be for the outside play area. I have a music, reading, several dramatic centers in the 2 different playrooms and an art center, but I have none of these items outside for the children to play with if they desire. I am requesting a 3 person outdoor easel and paint supplies. (Paint, containers, aprons), a weather center. I was making one like my bug center, but I saw the new one they have available in the Lakeshore catalog that I just had to have for the children.

New items both inside and outside will consist of a science center, new art center storage, blocks, Lookout Tree House for the toddlers, observation mirrors, music instruments, workshop with tools. Too much to list, but I know I am very excited to add these items to my preschool and the children will be equally as excited. (OK, I think I'm more excited...)

I want to get the order placed right away so that I can receive the items and get re-rated. It will be a busy month getting the items placed where they need to go.... But it will be fun!


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