Thursday, May 1, 2008

Week in Review for April 28 - May 1

This week we continued the theme Caterpillar to Butterflies. Our caterpillars have been in their Cocoons since Sunday. Another week and they should be emerging as beautiful butterflies. Our book at Community Circle was "The Very Hungry Caterpillar'. I explained to the children that just like when they wake up from a night of sleeping, and are hungry, the caterpillars emerge from their cocoons very hungry. We thought this particular caterpillar was very hungry, and he sure grew big. We also read the story during small group with an interactive book that I did up. The children had fun looking for the pieces that the caterpillar was eating. I tried to do small group with just Micah and Mason so we could work on their Alphabets, but we had everyone sitting at the table enjoying the story, and Riley standing at the head of the table with me watching. Becky my PEK Coach took a picture and I seen it at our last PEK meeting tonight. I need to get a copy and post it to the blog. It was so cute. :)

In the children's Friday Folders, I send home a newsletter for the month of May. I am going to get back into doing a monthly newsletter. I also send home a survey. please fill out, and return in the envelope I supplied. Dont sign your names. This is for my records to see if there is anything I need or should improve on in my child care. There is also a couple Scholastic book order forms. If your child is interested in ordering a book, let me know. You can order on line. I'll have to find out how my child care gets credit for your order, or we can order as a group. We can discuss your options if you decide to order any books.

Next week our theme is My Mommy. Celebrating our Mothers for Mothers Day. This is one of the children's favorite themes. We all love our mommys so much and we love to celebrate them every day!

Reminder that child care is closed tomorrow May 2, and child care will be closed next Friday May 9th for Provider's Appreciation Day.

Everyone have a fantastic week-end and we will see everyone back Monday in our new playroom with new carpeting and floor.

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