Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Last week and this week. :)

Last week we had a great time getting back into the routine after getting back from a week of vacation. We had a great time at our Halloween party. I sent pictures to you from our Halloween party Tuesday - late evening. If you didn't receive them, please let me know. All kids went home with a bucket, treats and a book. Unfortunately one book accidently got sent home with someone. A book for my grandson Dominic. Could you please check the back of the book. I put labels on the books and see if you have one for Dominic from Grandma Jean. :)

This week and next week our theme is Bears Everywhere. We're learning about bears and we'll be voting for our favorite bear. Being Election Tuesday - we had an election at child care. The kids got to vote for their favorite candidate. The fun thing is when I showed the ballots to the kids they knew who they were. Our winner was Obama.
It will be another busy week.

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