Thursday, November 20, 2008


This week's theme was manners. We work on manners all year long, but I felt this was a great theme to work on the week before Thanksgiving. We read the Book How Do Dinosaurs Eat Their Food by Jane Yolen and we discussed - is this how we act when we eat our lunch? No..... was the answer. We dont throw our food around or tip on chairs and goof around.

Speaking of lunch, I wanted to mention that for those that have forgotten or new families didn't know, we do lunch and snack family style. The food is placed into bowls or plates and the children help themselves to what they want and then pass the bowl to the next child. The older ones even pour their own milk. The older ones are also a big help in helping the little ones if they want more. This is such a great time for the children to use their manners. When asking one of the other children to pass something please...

Next week out theme is Thanksgiving. Remember that child care is closed on Thursday and Friday. Also I took some pictures of the children from our Teddy Bear Party and the children serving themselves during lunch time. I thought a great way to share these pictures would be to set up a separate account on Photobucket. I will be e-mailing you the sign in information. This will give you access to all pictures for child care and you will be able to print or order copies. When I add new pictures, I'll send an e-mail to everyone letting them know new pictures have been added.
Enjoy a couple pictures today of Micah serving himself at lunch and Anthony's sheet "Cover your sneeze Please... :)

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