Wednesday, December 3, 2008


December is a busy month and my favorite month with Christmas. All this month, the preschool theme we will be following is Christmas - All Month Long. I will be gone for part of December on vacation but when I get back, we will fall back into this theme.

On Dec. 5, we have Mrs. Jean coming to do music with the children. I also have a mock observation to get me ready for another "real" observation for Parent Aware. I am striving to receive a 4 star rating. I decided not to wait until August 09 to re-qualify. I have my new observation scheduled on December 26th.

Our bulletin board inside the playroom area has been decorated with a Christmas tree and the words "The Gift of Reading". Each day when we read a book before naptime, I will write the title of the book and author on a "gift" and have one of the children color the gift and we'll add it under the Christmas tree. So far we have 3 "gifts" under the tree.

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