Friday, December 26, 2008

Friday - Dec. 26

I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas. I'm currently loading pictures from our Christmas party from Monday onto Photobucket and I will send a link once thery are loaded. The kids had a great time. They sang Christmas songs as they were waiting for Santa to arrive. They then got to open presents from the gift exchange and from myself.
I got a bunch of pictures before my camera went dead. I have to learn to keep that charged up. :)

I have my observation today for Parent Aware. I'm still working on receiving a 4 star rating. Normally I would have been closed today but this was a great day to do the observation since we wanted it done by the end of the year. This month was very hectic and busy with my vacation, and we had such a great time on vacation that we have already scheduled it again for next December.

Jean :)

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