Thursday, March 26, 2009

~Travel Tots

Today we had Miss Jillian from Travel Tots come. We were suppose to have Travel Tots come yesterday but Miss Jillian had car trouble and could'nt make it. We re-scheduled for today and the kids had a fun filled hour.

Today was an hour of science. We learned about birds and frogs. We got to see a real bird's nest, and found out what birds use to make a nest. We made a pinecone feeder for the birds. Decorated a bird with feathers, and pretended we were birds and drank nectar from a flower using our beaks. (Paper cup was the flower, lemonaide was the nectar and a straw was our beak). The time went way too fast.

For the month of April our Travel Tot visits are scheduled for April 18th, which we will have our 1st Spanish class and April 22th which will be a geography class. Each of the kids have a little passport from Travel Tots and each time we "visit" a country, children will get a sticker to go into their passports.

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