Wednesday, March 11, 2009

~Travel Tots

We had our first visit from Travel Tots today..... The children were very excited and had a great time. Today we traveled to Kenya, a country located in Africa. We learned what the people of Kenya eat, wear and what type of animals live there. (Giraffes, alligators, hippos, zebra's, elephants and other wild animals).
We learned that the people of Kenya raise cows and goats, and they bring them into their houses each night to keep them from harm. Could you imagine bringing a cow into your house?
A typeical house in Kenya is made from straw, mud and sticks. They don't have running water like us, and have to carry the water from a near by water supply. We practiced walking around with a plastic disk on our head to see if we could keep it on our head. I was really impressed at how good the kids did. The people of Kenya carry food and water on top of their head. This was very interesting.
I did talk to our Traveling Tot instructor - Miss Jullian and I did let her know we are very interested in Spanish lessons, so March 25, we will be doing Spanish.
I did send a link for Photobucket of pictures I took today during Travel Tot time. :)

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