Sunday, April 27, 2008

Saturday's Mail~

I was surprised when going through Saturday's mail that I had 3 thank you cards. All were from our visitors on Thursday. Below are what I received. :)

The McKnight Foundation - Kate Wolford, President

Dear Jean,
Thanks so much for welcoming our group into your home and child cre center. It was great to hear about your experience with PEK and to see the impact you are having in the lives of the children under your care. Thanks & best wishes. Kate Wolford

Thank you so much for letting the McKnight people come out to visit. The amount of preparation and thought you put into the visit was truly amazing. It's so important for our funders to see PEK in action at a family child care. It demonstrates what a unique project this is, how HARD you've worked, how successful you are, and how ready the kids are for kindergarten! Your enthusiasm and skills as an educator really got to have the spot light that you deserve! Thank You Becky

Dear Jean,
FANTASTIC! The McKnight Foundation folks thoroughly enjoyed their visit to your child care home. Your enthusiasm and clear evidence of PEK in operation were wonderful to see. Thank youso much for allowing us to come and for the extra work it took to prepare for us. Sincerely Ann

Needless to say I was very happy receiving this thank you's and it shows me that what I do is so very important... Remember... Your children are the "Treasures" of your heart and I have so much fun every day playing and working with them. :)

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