Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Say Hello to My Little Friends. :)

As you can see Devin is taking a peek at our caterpillar friends this morning. They are starting to get big. I honestly thought I killed them this morning, when I left them sitting on the freezer out in the back entrance. I wanted all the parents to see our new friends, and the top of the freezer was cold, and I think the caterpillars got cold. I moved them back into the playroom, and I have seen movement after a while, so I think they are ok.

Today at Circle Time we read Katy Caterpillar and the Counting book. (Katie loves to count!) We also did a sun catcher butterfly, and those will go home at the end of a butterfly theme next week. We have them currently hanging in the daycare kitchen. Very colorful.

Kids are having an "EXCELLENT" day, and they are hoping that our new cars arrive today. We will be going outside in the afternoon after naptime.

Just a quick reminder that with the nicer weather, please dress the children in clothes you don't mind getting dirty.

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