Friday, April 11, 2008

Week in Review - April 11

April 11, 2008

Dear Parents,

This week our theme was Water and Spring time. We read the book Mouse's First Spring and we learned what things come around in the spring time. New flowers, baby birds, etc. We learned this week that even though it is Spring Time, it doesn't always look like Spring outside. We got to play outside all afternoon on Wednesday and on Thursday we had a rainy, snowy day. That's weather here in Minnesota.

Our theme next week will be Seeds. This should be a fun theme, and hopefully we will get to play in the dirt one day next week. I think everyone can agree we are ready for real Spring.

During circle time on Friday , Cleo read the book - Mouse's First Spring" to the children. Each day at circle time we read one book, and stick to that book all week. I am going to start having a child read the book to the children each Friday. It was fun to hear Cleo's interpretation of the story, and the children enjoyed having her read the story to them.

Friday we had Mrs. Jean join us for music time. The children had a blast, and everyone sat nice and participated.


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