Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Ok... I set up our new kitchen on Friday, and it took me an hour. I need to remember next time I put something together like this, to use my drill. :)
I got it put together and the children got to play with it for about an hour before they went home. They LOVED it, I hated it....

I decided I wanted the bigger Step 2 play kitchen (see picture)..... I sold the new one on Sunday and ordered the one I wanted. I'm so excited because I know the children are going to get so much use out of this. Bad thing, it won't fit in my shed at night, (I like to keep it out of the rain because of all the decals, and it gets so dirty otherwise), but the good news is, I'll just cover it at night with a tarp. I'm thinking I should receive the new kitchen sometime this week, and because of the holiday, I should get it together some time next week. I just have to remember... The drill. :)

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