Friday, May 15, 2009

Our New Weather Center

We got outside this morning by 8:45..... We had alot of energy to burn off, so I figured that the butterfly sheet we were working on yesterday, we'll finish it next week. While outside I decided to put together the new Weather Center I purchased last year. Micah was our 1st weather man. The weather center will give us the opportunity to check the wind, if it is sunny, cloudy, windy, etc., check if it rained over night and the temperature.
Today Micah said it was sunny and windy. He circled the weather symbols and then we are going to graph the next 10 days in child care to see what the weather has been.
Saturday morning I get to go to Home Depot and pick up 5 aprons that they are going to donate to our wood center. I'm hoping to have it set up some time next week. I want to stain the "table" and a couple other things. How fun!

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