Tuesday, May 12, 2009

~Mother's Day~

I hope everyone had a fantastic Mother's Day. The children had fun the past 2 weeks getting "gifts" ready for their mom's. I always enjoy this theme because there is always so much to do. I did want to make a cook bookwith Mother's recipes, but I only got 3 recipes back out of the 10, so that idea was scrapped. Maybe another time. The next couple of weeks we're going to do doing caterpillar to Butterfly. We received our caterpillars today in the mail. The kids named them, Batman, Spiderman, Baby Wyatt, (The smallest caterpillar), Capt. Jack Sparrow and Lisa... (I have no idea where Lisa came from). I'll post a picture of our new friends sometime this week. Another fun theme... :) It will be fun to watch them turn into butterflies.

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