Friday, May 15, 2009

New Play Kitchen

I ordered a new play kitchen the beginning of the week, and it arrived today during naptime. I gave away my old one yesterday, and I will hopefully set up the new one today after nap.
This is for outside in the play yard. I also picked up a big outdoor rug for the kitchen area. Rule is no bikes or cars on the rug. This will help the children with a visual reminder. This morning with the old kitchen set gone, we pulled out the blocks and the kids played with those and the little people. They had a blast. I think I'll end up pickingupanother rug when they want to do blocks. They were really good about keeping the blocks on the rug. I don't want to have to pick them all up all over the play yard. :)
It looks like it might rain, and I sure hope it doesn't. We want to get back outside after nap. :)

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