Friday, May 29, 2009

~Reading Center~

I've been having problems with the throw pillows I had in the reading center. Kids have been removing them, so I ordered a little couch for the reading center, and I got it yesterday.

Here's Riley and Abby checking out the new addition to the reading center.

Of course the kids loved it. :)


Julia said...

I love ours! I think we have exactly the same one...well, except for the color! I so wish we lived in the same town...I could use your help in redecorating my child care room. I've got big let's see if I have the energy to go with it! LOL

Treasures of the Heart Child Care said...

The kids love the new couch Julia and I love that the pillows are gone. They can't drag around the couch like they did the pillows. lol
You'll have to share your new plans with your child care room.... :)

cheys mosley said...

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